How do I log in?

If you already have a Cartessa Store account, click “Sign in” then “Forgot password.” Use the same email you have registered with the Cartessa Store. Click the link to reset password in the email you receive; you can set the same password or a different password for this portal. You only need to do this the first time you log in.
If you do not have an existing Cartessa Store account, click “Register” and follow the instructions.

Why do I need to set up a separate account to order EXO CR?

EXO CR is set up on a different storefront from the general Cartessa Store. To protect your privacy, we transferred your email over but could not transfer the password, thus you need to set a password for this portal. You’re welcome to use the same password as your existing account or set a separate password (whatever is easier for you). This does NOT impact your login credentials to the general Cartessa Store. Our fulfillment team is on hand to assist and answer any questions.

Can I order other items from the Cartessa Store when I order EXO CR?

Unfortunately not. You will need to place a separate order on CartessaStore.com for anything other than EXO CR vials such as marketing materials (including the EXO CR banner), tips, and other consumables. Shipping and handling are separate between the Cartessa Store and the portal for ordering EXO CR.

I have a discount code to use. How do I apply it to my order of EXO CR?

Please reach out to fulfillment@cartessaaesthetics.com for assistance with using a discount code.

When will my order of EXO CR ship?

We ship orders the following business day using overnight shipping, and on Monday through Thursday only. An order placed any time on Monday will ship Tuesday and arrive Wednesday, an order placed anytime on Thursday – Sunday will ship the following Monday and arrive Tuesday. Please ensure someone at the practice is in the office to receive the shipment the day it’s scheduled to arrive.

What if no one is at the practice to receive the shipment?

EXO CR is a highly active biologic product, and it’s important to keep it stored at -20C minimum (the temperature of a standard freezer) until you’re ready to apply it to the patient. If EXO CR is left out at room temperature, the product integrity will degrade. When you place an order for EXO CR, you will be asked to confirm that you assume responsibility for receiving the order upon arrival.

How will I know it’s my EXO CR order?

The box will have large EXO CR labels on the outside. If you receive or see this box, immediately open the box, handle it with care (there may be unevaporated dry ice), and place your EXO CR in the freezer.

How should EXO CR be stored?

Upon receipt of your delivery, immediately place the pouch containing EXO CR vials in the freezer. EXO CR should be stored frozen until use. Leave the EXO CR vials in the pouch and remove as needed for application.

What should I do with the dry ice?

If the dry ice has not completely evaporated upon arrival, please handle it with care. We recommend wearing gloves – do not touch the dry ice directly. Leave the dry ice in a well-ventilated area to evaporate before putting it in the trash.